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Hello All, thank you for joining us on the BOC product page. Let’s understand how this works, OK. We use products just like you do – so those products are the ones we recommend. When products we wanted weren’t out there – we made them. So, you have a great opportunity to use the same products Norika suggests below. Each purchase from our page helps make a donation to the website. As the products sell we invest that donation into adding more data. So your purchase actually makes a donation to the website creating more content. AND we Thank You!


This is my birthday photo, I died, they brought me back but I’m in a coma, my experience is of the afterlife, I don’t know what is going on. I wake into a life of pain and disabilities. My attitude hasn’t changed, in fact I’m more focused to help people like me. We can illuminate pathways to a better world.


Please review the products below and as they grow we hope you too will with us @ Beyond Our Comprehension.

You want more personal communication about things specific to your life, disabilities, mental health, exercise and nutrition? Fill in the form below and we can connect on issues together.

The below books are a must have in all homes. It gives you information needed in order to navigate the vessel we call our bodies. It gives precise information that Nutritionist’s and Medical Professionals draw knowledge from. YOU must have these books. You must READ these along with listening to the podcasts. You will live healthier, happier, and longer.

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