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#0040 Beyond Our Comprehension – ART Therapy – The Mirepoix of Shapes – Circle Square Triangle (CST) Art’s Visual Geometry

To express the blends of colors and shapes. I hope you enjoy this piece. The boundary of colors and shapes mix into the visual soup. The observer climbs ridges and suffers in the valley where the visual spectrum war in contrast. The welcoming of warmth once the on looker survives their trek embraces not only mind but spirit.

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#0035 Beyond Our Comprehension – Captaining Your Vessel In Any Storm or Sea – Life & COVID Overcome the Frown

We are discussing the vessel you operate. Not your car, your boat, or plane. But, you! The vessel named you, yourself, and I. Putting more than the manuals I want you to own. We talk about mathematics in essential biology and what that means for you. Coronavirus – successful navigation for immune deficient world.

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#0028 Beyond Our Comprehension An Age of ARGUMENTS, Pain and Tools, Reading to the Globe, Big Don needs some prayers

It only takes the stories to understand that many people can be experts in pain. Matter of fact this one is not about my pain but yours and others. What right do I have to talk about your pain? None, I never ask permission because pain won’t. Also, Let’s say some prayers for Big Don and Kobe. They are in a lot of pain right now and struggling.

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#0027 Beyond Our Comprehension – Pain Is Universal, mental disorder, childhood tramas, DIDs, Podcast RECOMMENDATION, and Expert Secrets

It takes some amazing courage to show vurnerability at the level it will help changes live of others. We are all vunerable in the stages of our development. This stage can go horribly wrong. For many, all too many, life does and without any control over it. Thank you to David Choe for showing us that.

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